Slickline Units Truck Mounted

Truck Mounted Slickline Units

Truck mounted Slickline unit. This unit is designed to operate in a wide variety of oilfield environments and can be modified to perform as a Wireline truck for logging and perforating applications.


  • Utilization of rear truck cab as operational platform
  • "Hit it now" drum response for quick down-hole tool action.
  • Ergonomic design control panel

Wireline Truck Accessories Options:Draw works:

  • Multiple size drum draw works to fit desired slickline and braided line sizes, split drum or double drum available

Winch Hoist Specification:

  • 3 & 4 speed Funk transmission chain drive with 2 speed hydraulic motor.

Drum Wireline Capacity:Configured to customer requirements

Drum Drive Performance:Drum Speed - Up to 2000 fpmPulling Power- Up to 6,000 lbs.

*Training/Commission of unit conducted at customer location

Slickline Unit Truck Mounted
Slickline Unit Truck Mounted
Slickline Unit Truck Mounted Control Panel