Cementing Units

Self-contained Drop Deck Trailer-Mounted Twin Cement Pumping System

Triplex Pumps

Precise uses triplex pumps mounted in a back to back configuration. Available pumps are SPM, GD, Serva and Demay


Heavy beam drop deck design. Drop deck allows engine position to distribute unit weight as equal as possible to drive and trailer axles. Drop deck also lowers the center of gravity allowing for safer transportation of equipment.

Mixing System

Precise utilizes the time proven RCM mix system. The system is designed electric over hydraulic for infinite control of the slurry delivery system. Micro-Motion fluid densitometer is utilized for precise customer product delivery. Fully computerized mixing system available.

Control Panel

System flow schematic incorporated into control panel for ease of operation. Standard engine transmission controls. Double redundant hydraulic system selected by operating a single switch. Rate, pressure and speed indication gauges via analog and/or digital displays.

Training/Commission of unit to be conducted at customer location.  

Drop Deck Trailer-Mounted Twin Cement Pumping
Twin Cementer Mixing Station
Cement Pumping Control Panel