Snubbing Unit

460 Snubbing Jack
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460 Snubbing Unit

Snubbing is a process that controls the pressure of oil or gas in order to run or pull tubing, drill pipe, or casing. These applications use the standard snubbing unit to complete or re-complete wells in a “live well” condition. Any type of workover application can be performed utilizing quick jacks.

Snubbing units are often used in place of workover units for offshore applications. Snubbing can offer the same services at a greatly reduced cost to the customer. Snubbing can be performed on live and dean wells. Milling operations can be faster and more precise with snubbing units due to infinite control of torque and speed of the rotary mounted on the snubbing jack.   Snubbing is versatile alternative that can overcome the limitations of other workover systems - wireline, coiled tubing and conventional workover rigs.  It eliminates the use of kill fluids that can damage the producing formation and require costly disposal. Snubbing is also a faster solution.  Snubbing units can often have the task completed before a conventional workover operation is even rigged up.

''Live Well'' Applications

  • Running and pulling tubing, casing, or liners under pressure
  • Running drill string back to bottom when the well "kicks"
  • Running "kill" packer to control under ground blowout
  • Drilling under balanced
  • Drilling cement, bridge or sand plugs under pressure
  • Acidizing, washing, fishing, and milling
  • Squeezing cement, plugging and abandonment
  • Removing mud or heavy fluids from well bore or string ID
  • Well completions
  • Through tubing/casing Perforating


  • Complete operations under pressure
  • Avoid expensive use and disposal of kill fluids
  • Eliminate risk of kill fluid damage to producing formation
  • Reduce costs with quicker rig up and rig down
  • Get your well back into production faster

Snubbing is your best choice when conventional draw works are absent.  The self-contained equipment requires little space and can finish the job quickly.  The hydraulic system's precise control over force protects against overload and allows responsive tool manipulation.

  • Faster and less expensive alternative to rigging up conventional draw works
  • Suitable onshore or offshore
  • 150k, 225k, 340k, 460k and 600k units available
  • Handles surface pressures up to 20,000 psi
  • Manages heavy hook loads up to 600,000 lbs
  • Smaller footprint than conventional drilling and workover equipment