Swabbing Unit

Swabbing Unit

Swabbing is a process to remove liquids from the production zone of a gas or oil well

Gas and oil wells produce fluid over the life of a well. When a well is first drilled it is usually Fracked to help open production zones. Fracking can include water. After fracking the liquids are recovered by swabbing the well. As liquids are lifted to relieve the hydrostatic weight from the producing formation the bottom-hole pressure pushes the gas and/or oil up and out of the well.

Though out the life of a well liquids flow back with the natural gas or oil as a well ages. If bottom-hole pressures are not enough to push the liquids out of the well, production then falls off. The well must then be swabbed or hydrostatic pressure must be reduced to maintain production.

The swabbing process is accomplish by machines that have a winch with cable, an extendable mast with a pulley on top and a drive system usually truck mounted to move the equipment from well to well. Swabbing machines come in various sizes.

The swabbing winch drum is driven or powered by an engine with transmission and chain and sprocket to turn the winch drum, the more modern systems are hydraulically driven and have much better control that the older “Draw works” systems.

Precise Energy Products designs incorporate direct drive hydraulic systems.