Precise Energy Products can help your company to address your field and support personnel Competency Development needs with a solid training program. Our well services training programs focus in all the aspects of fluids pumping, nitrogen and coiled tubing services.
Precise Energy Products training team has a vast international experience having delivered training programs to several small and large well service companies around the globe.  Our ultimate goal is to improve the results of your field operations, with a higher service quality, stronger bottom line and boosting your client satisfaction.

Level 1 Training

This is a modular program that can be adjusted to your target population and current training requirement.

Target Population:

  • Equipment operators
  • Job supervisors
  • Field and Support engineers   

Duration – Due to usual field personnel availability constrains the modular base of the program allows class blocks that are one or two weeks long   
Program includes:

General and Equipment

  • Math concepts refresh. Areas and volumes calculation. Engineering units conversions.
  • Well hydraulics:  hydrostatic pressure calculations, dynamic pressure, balance and underbalance scenarios, friction pressure. Pressure and temperature gradients.
  • Fluid velocity calculation in pipes and annular spaces
  • Equipment maintenance and inspection. Understand equipment specifications and limitations. Proper equipment operation. Pump Units, N2 Units and Coiled Tubing Units.
  • Safe equipment and high pressure lines rig-up, pressure test. Safety and contingencies.
  • Understand well behavior: What well conditions and pressure are telling us
  • Pumping fluid and Nitrogen:
  • Understanding cryogenics fluids and the associated equipment: Tanks, lines and hoses, N2 unit
  • Cryogenics safety: Safe N2 equipment rig-up. Safe handling and liquid transfer
  • Understanding the critical parameters and their evolution in a N2 operation
  • Nitrogen operations calculations: Liquid N2 volume requirements, Hydrostatic pressure gas calculations. Energized and foamed fluids.
  • Downhole hydraulics with gaseous nitrogen

Coiled Tubing:

  • Understand each one of the components in a Coiled Tubing (CT) Unit and its limitations
  • Safe rig up and recommended practices. API RP.
  • Understanding the critical parameters and their evolution in a CT operation. Well monitoring and control.  
  • Operational, contingency and emergency procedures for CT operations
  • BOP inspections, maintenance, tests and operations
  • Understand CT pipe limitations and behavior. Pressure, tension and fatigue limits. CT pipe string maintenance and monitoring
  • Basic Coiled Tubing Applications: understanding the do’s and don’ts of the main applications
  • Basic Coiled Tubing down hole tools

Note: Precision Energy Products can provide additional topics in it Level 1 training program according to your needs. We can also take care of your Well Control IADC certification.

Costs: For the costs of Level 1 training please fill out the form below or call 817-439-1972

Level 2 Training

This is a program designed to increase the technical content of your personnel.

Target Population:

  • Leading and Senior Job supervisors
  • Field and Support engineers   

Duration – Class blocks that are one or two weeks long  

Program includes:

  • Fluids characteristics and rheology
  • Foam calculations
  • In-depth Job design and Program preparation – this is designed for CT operations and includes associated pumping procedures:
  • o    Well cleanouts operations
  • o    Acid matrix and wash operations
  • o    Nitrogen lifts
  • o    Milling and down hole tools
  • o    Cementing via coiled tubing operations
  • o    Advanced CT pipe management
  • o    Other advanced applications on request

Note: Besides the well services program above, Precise Energy Products can organize and provide other basic, operational or advanced technical training on request.

Costs: For the costs of Level 2 training please fill out the form below or call 817-439-1972

Well Services Technical Support

Precision Energy Products provides technical support for well services operations. The technical support can be trimmed down to your current necessities and can include:

  • Technical and operational recommendations for equipment, fluids and field operations
  • Review of Job programs and procedures
  • Generate procedures for non-conventional operations
  • Review or generation of safety plans and risk analysis
  • Support and client visits for special projects
  • Thorough failures analysis for field operations, equipment or coiled tubing pipe. Improvement plans.
  • Development of operational safety programs

Note: Other options for Technical Support and Consulting Services are available. Please call.

Costs: For the costs of Technical Support and Consulting Services please fill out the form below or call 817-439-1972

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