Fluid Pumping Equipment

Self-contained Drop Deck Trailer-Mounted Twin Cement Pumping System Triplex Pumps Precise uses triplex pumps mounted in a back to back configuration. Available pumps are SPM, GD, Serva and Demay Trailer Heavy beam drop deck design. Drop... Read More

Coiled Tubing

Unit Specifications: Available in Skid-Mounted and Trailer-Mounted configurations Trailer-Mounted Units pull power from tractor Skid-Mounted Units utilize Diesel Engines with USCG-compliant Exhaust System "Evolution" 60K/80K... Read More


Unit Specifications: Skid-Mounted Self-Contained Liquid Nitrogen Pump and Vaporizer System complete with High Pressure Triplex Pump, Heat Recovery Vaporizing System and All Necessary Instrumentation and Controls for Local Operation. Maximum... Read More
Trailer Mounted Nitrogen Units Trailer mounted, self-contained and climate controlled nitrogen pumping and vaporizing system. Precise utilizes state of the art component's, quality ensured manufacturing processes. Precise uses only proven... Read More


Trailer Mounted Slickline Units Trailer-mounted Slickline unit. This unit is designed to operate in a wide variety of oilfield environments. Features: Deutz Diesel Powered Halliburton style measuring head Any trailer configuration... Read More
Truck Mounted Slickline Units Truck mounted Slickline unit. This unit is designed to operate in a wide variety of oilfield environments and can be modified to perform as a Wireline truck for logging and perforating applications. Features... Read More


Snubbing is a process that controls the pressure of oil or gas in order to run or pull tubing, drill pipe, or casing. These applications use the standard snubbing unit to complete or re-complete wells in a “live well”... Read More


    Swabbing is a process to remove liquids from the production zone of a gas or oil well Gas and oil wells produce fluid over the life of a well. When a well is first drilled it is usually Fracked to help open production... Read More


Single and tandem axle heavy duty Wireline units for cased hole service applications. Units are designed to operate in rough terrain environments. Trucks are fitted with air ride suspension to lesson shock load during transportation on rough roadways... Read More